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To encourage conservation and stewardship of the natural environment and to promote music and the arts in the state of Maine.  



Support organizations that empower people in their communities to live healthy vibrant lives by…

  • Protecting the environment through education and research

  • Removing barriers and creating access to outdoor recreational experiences

  • Providing resources to adapt to a changing climate

  • Cultivating and educating future environmental stewards and leaders 

  • Building healthy food systems with local access and distribution  

  • Promoting access to local music, theater, dance, and visual arts

  • Preserving the many strong art and music programs that exist today

  • Establishing new art and music programs for the future

  • Advancing music and the arts education

  • Creating community-focused participatory arts experiences

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We value organizations that strive to…

  • Reach rural and underserved populations statewide

  • Partner and work with local leaders to build on existing successes and programs

  • Collaborate with other organizations

  • Incorporate diverse perspectives and ideas

  • Foster trust and shared vision

  • Learn from experts in the field

  • Increase access to opportunities